Our research and development works are conducted in the following fields :
  • Formulator of Polyurethane Resins
  • Compounder of Polyurethane Systems
  • Compounder of Water Based Mold Release Products
  • Specialty Packaging and Kitting
  • Patents and Specification Approvals


Our Research Laboratory and production site are located: in Dover, New Hampshire, USA


URASEAL Inc. offers a range of products with a wide variety of applications, in particular in the following fields

  • High speed telecommunications networks
  • Private telecommunications: airports, college campuses, municipalities…
  • Electrical
  • Pest and Moisture Control
  • Electronics
  • Cable repairs

CK200BSV buried service wire kits

URASEAL’s Buried Service Wire Splice Kits are designed to quickly and permanently encapsulate buried drop wire cables. The CK-BSV is universal for any type of splice configuration. Everything needed to encapsulate the spliced wire is included in the kit. ”BSV” kits include bonding hardware, two foam stoppers and a clamshell-like disclosure.

ES200S electrical splice kit

The “Shake N’Seal” ES Kits are UL Listed and specifically designed for electrical applications up to 600 volts or equivalent by providing a permanent water tight seal. ”Shake N’Seal” protects splices from moisture and voltage leaks to ground helping to eliminate cable deterioration and other related problems that can lead to open circuits and cable failure.


The FOD-40 fiber optic splice kit has a facelift and performs the splice and sealing function. It can accommodate a variety of cables including flat and round up to 1/2 “ in diameter for all service providers and accepts both fusion and mechanical splices.


Standards & certifications

The connection protection market is regulated and the following specific certifications concern URASEAL Inc.

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