Our solutions are used in a wide variety of markets, from specialty chemicals, construction and electronics to paints and inks, varnishes, textiles and paper. They even turn up in agriculture, commodities, electro-chemical metal coating, bio-industry and logistics, to name but a few.

The Group is structured around speed and flexibility, with a strong results-oriented corporate culture. Our expertise is founded on constant innovation and the cross-pollination of ideas and skills.

Thanks to our multiple areas of activity and the sheer number of potential applications, not to mention our drive towards ethical innovation and our various locations around the world, the Group has built a number of fruitful partnerships with major industrial companies (as well as many smaller companies) in every sector, both in France and abroad.

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL: the vital statistics



Conscious creativity is the beating heart of PROTEX INTERNATIONAL, and this is what directs and defines us: the choice to act for the better, making people and the environment a strategic priority. 

These values guide us and drive us forward. They did so for the generations who have led the company for more than 85 years, and continue to do so for the leaders and workers today and tomorrow.

The environment

How can you prioritise both chemical production and the environment?

This is not a trick question: chemicals are ubiquitous in our lives. We depend on them to work, to travel, to dress, to live and to heal, and every industrial chemical producer (and our Group in particular) has a duty to innovate and manufacture in a way that best respects our planet.

This is why we focus on developing products which are safe for both our health, and that of our environment.

Putting people first

While the world is turning inexorably towards globalisation, digital technology, robotics, virtual contact and increasingly high speeds, PROTEX INTERNATIONAL is firmly committed to staying a modern, forward-thinking company. 

This however must be based on sustainable, long-term human relationships. 

Our Group has never moved off-shore. Rather, we’ve opened new sites abroad to meet the needs of our local clients and attracted employees of more than 30 different nationalities – all of whom have the same dedication to act for the better.

Do better

The Group constantly seeks to be proactive, creating and launching innovative and environmentally ethical products, seeking new raw materials, and producing at the utmost efficiency to meet our clients’ needs – and stay ahead of the market.

Our commitment to act for the better also means working harmoniously with our teams, clients, suppliers and the environment while maintaining our stringent quality and safety standards. 

We must always look at what we do, and ask ourselves this: how can we act for the better and remain agile?

Our history

Discover our history


February 1932

The PROTEX CHEMICAL PRODUCT FACTORY was founded in February 1932 in Paris as a manufacturer of auxiliary products for textiles: PROducts for TEXtiles, later becoming PROTEX INTERNATIONAL.


In the 1960’s...

It quickly became clear that the company had to expand into new sectors: alongside textiles, the company chose to apply its acquired skills to the paper market. Following a series of internal developments and purchases, the Group moved into the construction, specialty chemicals, paint, ink & varnish, agriculture and commodities markets, among others.

The Group expands into the USA…

at the beginning of the 1970’s, with all eyes on the future...

A decade after setting up subsidiaries around Europe, PROTEX INTERNATIONAL struck out and moved into the United States.

and into Asia!

in 1980, with flair and audacity...

In the 1980’s, the Group founded a commercial subsidiary in Hong Kong and developed its industrial power in China and across the continent, in particular in Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and South Korea. These have been vectors for growth, and have allowed the Group to diversify into chemicals and electronics.

Time to consolidate…

In the 1990’s...

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL built its own corporate culture on a commitment to sustainability, opportunism and positive investment, carefully managing the company and supporting their clients in almost every industrial sector thanks to their diversity into countless niche markets.

A tight export network…

In the 2000’s...

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL continued to develop internationally, setting up a network of overseas agents and distributors and becoming active in a number of new countries so they could stay close to their clients.

The Group arrives in Brazil

2013, expansion into a new continent...

The Group took another leap on the international stage by building and launching an industrial site in Brazil for its activities in the country.


In 2016...

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL launched an investment plan to modernise their French sites.

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL celebrates its 90th birthday!


PROTEX INTERNATIONAL celebrated its 90th birthday! Since it was first founded, the Group has seized every opportunity to evolve and adapt (while remaining a close-knit company), becoming an active and innovative partner for their clients and offering them new products and services when they need them.

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL continues to grow…


In 2018, the Group purchased DALIC in Vitré, specialist in selective brush electroplating and anodising on metal substrates.

In September 2019, PROTEX INTERNATIONAL purchased the INDICIA and BIO-STERIL companies near Lyon, both specialised in the bio-industry sector.

And for the future…


By choosing to diversify across different markets and different countries, the Group could increase its development opportunities and spread the risk. PROTEX INTERNATIONAL does “what big groups don’t want to do, and what small companies can’t”.  It is on this basis that the Group has cemented its growth. 

Today, PROTEX INTERNATIONAL is one of the last independent industrial specialist chemical groups in France with an ongoing interest in electro-chemical metal coating and bio-industry. 

Our Group is committed to sustainability, meeting the challenges of the future head-on!