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The DALISTICK® station has revolutionised selective surface treatment thanks to its zero-run-off process, guaranteeing maximum safety for operators.

Three different models, each meeting the strictest health, safety and environmental regulations, have been developed:

  • DALISTICK® D.1000
  • DALISTICK® D.2000
  • DALISTICK® D.2020


DALIC provides solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors: aerospace, rail, energy, oil, mechanics, offshore marine and more.

Selective electro-chemical metal plating is used in a wide range of applications :

  • steel and aluminium corrosion
  • fretting
  • recharging
  • preparation for aluminium gluing
  • reinforcement
  • scratch repair
  • anti-friction
  • hot point decontamination…
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DALIC is the inventor of “brush technology”, which allows for electrolysis without immersion. It also lets them operate on site while meeting all of the applicable environmental protection rules.


DALIC trains their clients in the use of their DALISTICK® and Brush stations, ensuring that they are fully proficient with our technology.


DALISTICK® stations use a patented new technology which allows operators to complete a selective electrolysis operation with zero run-off, a major advance from the traditional brush technology. Depending on the model, it is also possible to anodise too.


For one-off uses, repairs and equipment calibration, DALIC can take clients’ parts into their own workshops – especially useful for clients without their own DALIC equipment.


Innovation & Manufacture

The DALIC laboratories and production site are located in Vitré, in the Ille-et-Vilaine department in France. 

DALISTICK® technology is designed to reuse the electrolyte solution, thereby reducing the environmental impact considerably. 

The DALIC Company is fully ISO 9100 and EN9100 certified.

DALIC’s axle-mounted recharging technology has been approved by SNCF, CFFR, AAR, IR, SAR


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