…in every field

As for our work in electro-chemical metal coating, we have developed a non-immersion electrolysis process and a way to conduct selective electrolysis without runoff, two patented new technologies.

Our bio-industrial research is constantly in progress, allowing us to offer new manufacturing, packaging and aseptic processes for the production of sterile solutions and media. It also allows us to improve our rapid microbiology solutions using flow cyctometry for industrial quality controls.

Cross-fertilisation, a natural reflex and a source of innovation

Innovation is a state of mind and a desire to invent in order to advance. This is and always has been a core principle at PROTEX INTERNATIONAL.

There have been many examples of laboratory research leading to a discovery which has benefited so many fields in addition to its target application.

For example, the textile products developed by PROTEX INTERNATIONAL are used to treat cotton, which is made of cellulose. Cellulose is also used in the paper industry, so it would be only logical to use these discoveries to penetrate this new market. In the same way, products developed for paint have found applications in making paper and coating plastic films.

This illustrates how the Group diversifies its activities, with a constant eye on reinforcing its R&D department and striving towards further innovation.

Collaborative innovation…

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL is constantly looking for the most promising ideas of tomorrow, so invests heavily in forging new partnerships and collaborating in joint research projects. 

For the Group, it is essential that we forge strong partnerships. This starts by building and maintaining an international network of academic and research partners, innovation and transfer centres, start-ups and industrials in every sector. 

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL is a member of no fewer than 5 centres of excellence:  AXELERA, I.A.R, S2E2, Up-TEX EURAMATERIALS, EMC2. This is reflected in our participation in a wide range of bilateral and collaborative research projects:

  • regional projects with Lyon Biopôle
  • national projects with ADEME, ANR, PSPC …
  • and European projects with H2020, Horizon Europe, KIC, BBI, INTERREG …

…always working for the future.

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL is currently financing two research projects with the support of the CIFRE.

Through these collaborations and through our own innovation, the Group can exceed expectations and beat the trends in our various markets. We can reduce development time, put ourselves in direct contact with decision-makers and fully grasp their specifications, explore new fields and improve our skills.

Here are a few of our projects:

  • SICRATES – Euripides
  • FLEXE – Centre Val de Loire
  • Silver nanowires – CEA…