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The products developed by PROTEX INTERNATIONAL are used in :

  • the manufacture of fertilizers and associated products
  • the formulation of specialty  fertilizers and associated products (mostly in liquid form)
  • the crop substrate industry: peat, coconut fibre, etc.
  • the production of agricultural biogas


Standards & certifications

The agriculture market is dominated by a certain number of regulations. PROTEX INTERNATIONAL is looking to exploit the opportunities of the NF U 44-204 standard both in France and abroad, which allows agronomic additives (such as our metal chelates) to be mixed into fertilisers or basic mineral soil improvers – provided that they were approved before the 01 January 2013, when this standard came into effect. These agronomic additives can be new fertilising matters such as humic substances and microbial preparations, which are often used in association with mineral fertilisers.


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