Innovation & Manufacture

PROTAVIC invests heavily in innovation (much more than usual for the sector), allowing them to propose both standard and “custom” solutions according to a client’s demands and technical specifications, from development all the way up to implementation. 

For our clients, choosing the right glues and adhesives is crucial in terms of finished product quality. This is why PROTAVIC also offers personalised support and guides their clients throughout their projects, providing products with additional, personalised characteristics.

Our Research Laboratories and production sites are located:

  • in Auzouer-en-Touraine, France, in our Study and Innovation Centre and SYNTHRON-PRODEV,
  • in Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA, on the PROTAVIC AMERICA site
  • in Daejeon, South Korea, on the PROTAVIC KOREA site.


The PROTAVIC companies in Europe, the USA, South Korea and China are constantly communicating with each other and focusing their efforts on a certain number of fields and strategic opportunities. Their objectives are to create new products and bring clients real added value. 

The ITAR regulations concern a certain number of industrial sectors, and PROTAVIC is oriented towards the “ITAR-FREE” programmes which require a significant effort in terms of innovation. The reliability of the products they develop is based on strict performance criteria and requirements in terms of both quality and the applicable regulations.


PROTAVIC offers a range of products with a wide variety of applications, in particular in the following fields :

  • circuit boards
  • RFID
  • condensers
  • passive components
  • semi-conductors
  • active components
  • printed circuit boards
  • LEDs…
Our star products


A new single-component, solvent-free Dam resin, specially designed for Dam & Fill application on electronic components and resistant to continuous exposure to temperatures of 260°C has been released onto the market. This is the PROTAVIC® PNC 20120.


Protavic has launched a new product: PROTAVIC®28205 is a liquid dispersion containing silver nanowires, and is used for heat-conductive, transparent coatings.