…which help improve the quality of the air.

The SYNTHRO®-STAB TF 291 P is a powder aldehyde scavenger agent for plasterboards and renders, and is used to help improve indoor air quality.

...which need fewer solvents.

SYNTHRO®-Comp 60 B is a compatibility agent which reduces the need for solvents in paint and reduces solvent emissions into the atmosphere.

…which help ensure microbiological safety for food and protect consumer health

METIS® is an innovative technological solution which accelerates food quality controls  and guarantees the safety of finished products.

…which help save water and reduce energy consumption

ACTIRON®NS is used in paper manufacture to bleach paper pulp, allowing producers to considerably reduce the quantity of water per ton of pulp produced. By reducing the polymerisation temperature during manufacture, the range of ACTIRON® P catalysers for powdered paint can considerably reduce energy consumption.

…which reduce pollution

SYNTHRO® Cor CE 660B is an anti-flash rust agent which contains zero VOCs, nitrites or borates, and can be used in Ecolabel paint formulations. 
MODAREZ® X 840 is a silicone-free substrate wetting agent which helps to prevent paint surface defects and can replace fluorine-based wetting agents.

MOUSSEX® 9128 CL is a defoamer made from vegetable oil, used for the formulation of liquid fertiliser for farms. SYNTHRO® Thix 625 is a rheology modifier agent, based on modified castor oil.

Bio-sourced products

By developing


By using steam sterilisation in bio-industry

By developing new electrolysis technology through the zero-runoff procedure, reducing the release of chemical solutions.