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MODAREZ® PSL 1000 and 2000

These new levelling agents are low molecular weight polymer-based. They are silicon-free and FDA 175-300 approved, making them suitable for industrial metal coatings and varnishes applications, coil-coatings, packaging coatings and solvent-based automotive paints applications. They prevent the craters formation , pinholes and “orange peel” wrinkling. Thanks to their excellent compatibility with solvent-based systems, they enhance levelling and gloss and are a perfect tool for the formulation of transparent varnish.


SYNTHRO®-BOND AP 811 is a new adhesion promoter agent which provides excellent properties to industrial paints on metal substrates and coil-coatings applications. It improves adhesion and increases the film plasticity without affecting surface hardness. It can be used both in aqueous and solvent-based systems.


Given the wide range of additives available, our Group is active in various parts of the industrial and decorative coatings and printing inks markets.

  • decorative and architectural coatings
  • industrial coatings for metal, plastic and wooden supports
  • paints and varnishes for metal packaging (packaging coating)
  • coil coating
  • protective and marine coatings
  • automobile coatings
  • printing inks
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Standards & certifications

SYNTHRON develops products which meet the terms of various European and global regulations, such as Ecolabel®, Blue Angel® and others, as well as “food contact” regulations for products and varnishes used in packaging, printing inks, etc.


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Star products


A substrate wetting agent which acts by reducing surface tension, for all paints and varnishes in aqueous phase. It is highly effective on all supports, particularly contaminated or poorly prepared supports. When used as a primer, it has no effect on inter-layer adhesion.


This is a VOC-free pH stabiliser for water-based coatings containing no VOCs. Its exceptional performance makes it an indispensable tool for stabilising alkaline pH levels over time in water-based systems.

Product List Liquid Coatings, Printing Inks and Powder Coatings