R & D

Our research and development works are conducted in-house on the Lyon and Limoges sites. This consists primarily in:

  • Improving our manufacturing, packaging and aseptic processes for the production of sterile solutions and culture media
  • The development and improvement of rapid flow-cytometric microbiological techniques.


These activities are part of a partnership with the University of Limoges and various industrial groups.

INDICIA is part of AFNOR (the French Standardisation Association) as a member of the “Cosmetic Products” Commission, working at the highest levels with industrial groups to define the safety standards for cosmetic products (especially in terms of microbiological analysis) in order to guarantee the health and safety of the users.


Applications for the Bio-Industry market :

  • for ready-to-use media and rapid microbiological quality control solutions
  • agri-food
  • cosmetics and personal care products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • sterile products
  • biotech
  • sterile medical systems
  • healthcare and Medtech
Our star products

Pharmaceutical carriers

Custom products

Rapid microbiology

Microbiological detection kits and associated instruments

Ready to use liquid culture media for industrial microbiology

A range of 400 references

Sterile medical systems

Anti-wrinkle gels


Standards & certifications

The bio-industry market is highly regulated, and the following specific certifications concern INDICIA or BIO-STERIL.


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