Our equipment and our processes

Our workshops and industrial sites have a range of versatile equipment, allowing us to manufacture different products using the same equipment and adapting the volumes we produce. Our development, mass-manufacture and production processes are ISO 9001 certified (version 2015). We have a full safety management system in place on our French sites. We are constantly implementing and improving our risk prevention and management practices, including upgrading our resources and intervention plans. These are all systematically verified during our regular safety exercises. 

Polymerisation, Synthesis and Formulation


For industrial applications, the Group conducts high-molecular-weight polymerisations in aqueous phases, emulsions, solvents and solid mass. Our industrial equipment allows us to polymerise polyesters in liquids and polyurethanes in solvents. 


The Group has developed several types of industrial chemical syntheses, and we can use this expertise for the benefit of our clients.


PROTEX INTERNATIONAL has developed extensive expertise in the field of formulation. Raw material formulations – often developed in-house – allow us to combine and improve the wetting, rheological, VOC-capture, fire-proof, insulating or conducting properties of a finished product.

Bio-Industry: Steam sterilisation and aseptic filling

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL, via its subsidiary INDICIA, provides full-scale industrial solutions which meet all the necessary regulations for the life sciences field:

  • Producing ready-to-use liquid culture media for industrial microbiology
  • “Turnkey” solutions for rapid flow-cytometric microbiological quality control by flow cytometry, for the agri-food and cosmetics industries.
  • Formulation and aseptic distribution of sterile solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary and in-vitro diagnosis industries