The Group

The PROTEX INTERNATIONAL Group is convinced that our growth depends on the social and professional qualities of our employees, on their involvement and on their dedication. This is reflected in the loyalty of so many of the Group’s employees, who have helped the Group to success both in France and abroad. 

The Group is active in a diverse set of markets and countries, from France and Europe to the USA, South-East Asia and Brazil, and is currently recruiting in the following fields:

  • Research and Development: polymerisation, formulation, synthesis…
  • Processes
  • Analysis Laboratory and Quality Control
  • Quality, Hygiene, Environment and Safety
  • Maintenance and New Construction
  • Production 
  • Sales and Technical Assistance

The diversity of our employees and their back stories, their personalities, their characters and their geographical origins are incontestably a source of strength and value for the Group. That’s why we’re working to promote :

  • integration into the workforce, 
  • the inclusion of disabled employees,
  • career development within the Group.

Given the specific nature of our industrial chemical activities, we are looking for applicants with training and/or experience in this sector for our operational positions, on our production sites and in the field with our clients. We will carefully consider every application we receive.

Our recruitment process

We strive to maintain a recruitment process which is both fast and adapted to all of our needs.

If you would like to apply for a job with PROTEX INTERNATIONAL or one of our subsidiaries in France or abroad – either as a free submission or following an advert we’ve published – please send your application to: 

  • An initial phone interview will give us the opportunity to understand your career ambitions and present both the position and the Group or the subsidiary. 
  • If this is successful, then an interview with the Director of Human Resources may be scheduled. Here, we’ll be able to get to know each other better and discuss your projected career path.

After this, you’ll be introduced to the people you would be working with, giving a good reflection of your motivation and how your skills would pair up to the position in question.  

To optimise the recruitment process, we try to organise these interviews as efficiently as possible, over the course of a single morning or afternoon whenever possible. 

  • A decision will be made alongside the members of staff you’ve met and the successful applicant will be selected.
  • If you are selected, you will be sent a job offer. This will include all of the details concerning your entry into the company. 

It is important for us to welcome new recruits as well as possible, and all of our employees will make an effort to bring a new employee up to speed. 

Join a close-knit, diversified, international and forward-thinking company!

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